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Rustic Apple Pie

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I made this rustic pie for a friend that will be spending Thanksgiving alone this year.  She said to me, “I can’t make a pie just for me!”.  I wanted to say, “Umm, Why not?”  but instead I said, “I’ll … Continue reading

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Green Chili Bowl with Thanksgiving Leftovers

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I grew up hating gravy.   When I met green chili, it was life changing.  Seriously.  Let me explain.  As I went to others houses for thanksgiving in college and later adulthood I realized I had a somewhat unique gravy experience … Continue reading

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Cranberry Relish

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Every family has it’s own Thanksgiving customs, and one of my family’s traditions comes straight from another family – NPR commentator Susan Stamberg. Every year, Susan tells the story of her mother-in-law’s cranberry relish, and every year, it’s on our … Continue reading

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Corn Pudding

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Want something a little different to serve next to your turkey this Thanksgiving?  How are we talking about Thanksgiving already?! Or just need an easy and fast comfort food as the nights start to get cool? Give this buttery, hearty dish … Continue reading

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Walnut Pie

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Pecan Pie is my absolute favorite holiday pie.  However, the price of pecans has shot through the roof.  Apparently China has a taste for pecans now and demand is high.  It was hard to justify buying pecans when I had … Continue reading

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