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Spiced Apple Pie Filling

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 Happy Daylight Saving time! And a very happy November to you, as well. Here in Seattle, we’ve far-too-easily stepped into fall; we didn’t get much of a summer, so fall actually feels a little more palatable – now, my expectations … Continue reading

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Boozy Cherries

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 Truthfully, I should’ve titled this post “Boozy Ass Cherries” since these are some damn boozy cherries. They are not for people who don’t like bourbon, or for people who want boozy cherries today or tomorrow (they need time to soak). They … Continue reading

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Nectarine Lime Jam

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  I’m a sucker for a condiment. Other than my fierce hatred of ketchup (and an on-again-off-again relationship with mayonnaise), I’m pretty equal opportunity.   I didn’t think much about jam until I moved to the Pacific Northwest. It always seemed … Continue reading

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Apple Rhubarb Jam

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It’s not that I don’t actually understand that produce comes from outside of the grocery store, it’s just that I still find it surprising that people can walk outside, pick something out of the ground, and (magically, suddenly) serve dinner. … Continue reading

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