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Naan and Spicy Fruit Chutney

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Some friends of mine invited me over to their house for Indian Food this weekend.  I asked “What can I bring?”  thinking they’d say a bottle of wine or some beer.  Their response was naan or chutney and I immediately got excited … Continue reading

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Apricot Peach Honey Whiskey Sauce

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I think I am finally recovered from vacation!   Goodbye Summer!   I know how great I have it living in Colorado but I’m never more reminded than when I vacation to somewhere hot, especially Florida in August!  93 degrees … Continue reading

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Apricot Muffins

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  Are you sick of apricots yet? Yeah, me too!

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Apricot Oat Bars

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OK, just as I think I can’t take anymore apricots I make a recipe like this that reminds me how good this fruit is and how versatile it can be!   I’ve chopped the apricots into salsa. I’ve dried the apricots. … Continue reading

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Bellinis and Butter!

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Uugh!  I am swimming in apricots and have been so busy sweeping apricots off my deck and making bellinis, butter, bread and bars that I haven’t had much time to actually post all this stuff!  But watch out because over … Continue reading

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Apricot Summer Salsa

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Now I know we usually blog about something baked here at Strudel & Streusel but from time to time we are inspired to blog about other yummy creations like our pecan pesto or zucchini soup.   It has been HOT, HOT, … Continue reading

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