Peach Crumble

Posted on September 8, 2019

peach crumble

StreuselCrisp?  Crumble?  What’s the difference?

Well, it’s a little confusing because some would say a crisp has oats and a crumble doesn’t BUT then I easily found recipes where crumbles had oats?!  Strudel’s crisp last week definitely had oats!  The Kitchn tells me…

Crisps have oats.  Crumbles – no oats!

Oats or no oats, this dessert seems to have started during WWII when rationing of flour, fat and sugar turned the pie into this more economical and easy to make dessert!  Adding oats into a crisp was a way to use even less flour.

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Summer Fruit Crisp

Posted on September 1, 2019

summer fruit crisp

It’s nearing the end of summer (I *refuse* any suggestion that our warm sunny season is over), and I’m working on putting as much summer fruit in my face as possible before the end of season. Streusel and I also decided that while we’re piling in the berries and stone fruits, we should also take the opportunity to define the differences between cobblers, crumbles, crisps and buckles. I’m starting things off this month with this Summer Fruit Crisp.


Before we get to defining our desserts, it’s important that I announce this: this Crisp is a dream. It’s so good – packed with sweet peaches and fragrant ripe strawberries, with a lid of hearty oats, crunchy almonds and warming spices, it tastes like all the best parts of summertime.


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Grilled Apple Galette

Posted on August 25, 2019

Grilled Apple Galette

StreuselLet’s finish the month of grilling by grillin’ up something sweet!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t grill up something pie-ish!  Not only is it sweet, it’s easy.  A simple grilled apple galette.

A galette is basically a free form flat pie.  They are easy to put together, easy to please guests, easy to grill up BUT a few words of caution…

Grill it low and slow!  If the grill is too warm, it will burn the bottom quickly.

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Kale and Paneer Filled Grilled Naan

Posted on August 18, 2019

naan stuffed with kale and paneer

I struggled with what to name this blog post, because there’s so many wonderful and homemade things happening. There’s the naan itself, which is tender and squishy and chewy and buttery and salty; plus the “I can’t believe how quickly I just made cheese” tangy and crumbly paneer. There’s also the hearty, toothy kale that turns this stuffed naan from a snack and into a meal. Also, it was grilled on the barbecue, which gave it a a bit of roastiness.


So, I thought about “Homemade Naan with Kale and Paneer” or “Grilled Naan with Homemade Paneer and Kale” or “Stuffed Naan with Kale and Homemade Paneer” etc. In the end, I figured it would be understood that naan is homemade (this is a baking blog, after all), also that the word “stuffed” sounded weird, and that the grilling part is important. So,  I went with “Kale and Paneer Filled Grilled Naan” – it’s sort of the least + most words I could figure out how to fit in to one title.


Nothing in this recipe is difficult, and start-to-finish, it took me about two hours, which I thought was pretty good for making a bread, cheese, and a filling. Also, it’s totally worth the time! The naan is particularly delicious right after it comes off the grill, when the butter and salt hit the charred parts of the squishy dough – uch, divine. I love gluten so much.


One thing I really liked about baking this naan on the grill is that I have much more room to maneuver around – this pita is delicious, but whenever I make it there’s a bit of contorting in in order to get the dough to the back parts of the oven, plus the flipping (oh, the flipping!). It always turns out just fine, but using the grill just felt so roomy!



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Grilled Chapati Bread

Posted on August 11, 2019

Hot Grilled Chapati

StreuselA friend recently visited Uganda and she came back raving about the Chapati Bread she ate while there.  As you’ve read before Strudel and I love both making and eating pita bread.  It’s easy but one thing you have to do continually is open the oven to flip and check the bread.  It causes heat to be lost from the oven.

So as I thought about making chapati bread and heating up the kitchen I thought what better way to make this bread then on the grill.  It worked so well that next time I make pita bread it’s going on the grill too!

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Skillet Cornbread (baked on the grill!)

Posted on August 4, 2019

skillet cornbread

This month, we’re focusing on baking on the grill. Mind you, this idea came straight from Streusel’s brain. She thought that since we’re both so committed to using our outdoor grills in the summertime, we should expand our horizons and figure out what else we could cook out there. I thought it was a bit off, truth be told (why grill cornbread when I can cook it in my perfectly evenly-temperatured oven?). And then, it was hot outside, my house was hot inside, and turning on the oven sounded like a terrible idea. The result was a Skillet Cornbread (baked on the grill!) that is delicious, slightly sweet, and tender with  crispy crust. Also, I had a house that stayed (ever so slightly) cooler.


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Chocolate Chunk Graham Ice Cream

Posted on July 28, 2019

Chocolate Chunk Graham Ice Cream


On Friday morning, I told Brandon that one of my goals for the weekend was to eat ice cream. Since I’m a task-oriented person, I’d achieved that goal by Friday evening.


We went to Bluebird where I had a very delicious ice cream with a graham cracker-flavored base. It was creamy, sweet, rich – all the things I love – though it didn’t have chocolate(!) and I couldn’t help but wish for a bit of a bit of texture and crunch in my ice cream.


Since I have the means and the motivation, why dream when I can actualize?!


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Thimbleberry Frozen Custard

Posted on July 21, 2019

Thimbleberry Frozen Custard

StreuselYou might recall that Strudel and I were very grateful last month to be able to attend the 2019 IFBC in Juneau Alaska!  I came away totally enamored with Juneau!  While at the opening reception of the IFBC, I met Vivian, a native to Alaska, a member of the Tlingit, a Raven from the T’akdeintaan Clan.

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Salted Pistachio Oreo Ice Cream

Posted on July 14, 2019

Salted Pistachio Oreo

StreuselI worked for many years within walking distance of Little Man Ice Cream, a Denver hot spot for the best ice cream around.  I like ice cream but I have never craved ice cream.  That was until trying Little Man’s Salted Oreo Ice Cream.  It’s perfectly salty, perfectly sweet… perfectly amazing!

I don’t particularly care for oreo cookies.  My daughter loves oreos but they can sit in my pantry forever if she doesn’t eat them.  However, this summer, she introduced me to Pistachio Oreo Thins – Oh my!!  I could eat an entire bag of these Oreo Thins in one sitting!

My work recently moved and I am no longer any where near Little Man Ice Cream and I miss their Salted Oreo Ice Cream!  While devouring some pistachio thins, I knew they were destined to go into my own version of salted ice cream!

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Lemony Cheesecake Ice Cream with Raspberry Swirl

Posted on July 7, 2019

Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

To me, homemade ice cream isn’t that different than homemade bread. With a minimal amount of effort, you end up with something extraordinarily more delicious than most anything you’d buy at the store (well, the regular store – there’s plenty of gluten and dairy filled goodness at the special stores).


Since it’s summertime, Streusel and I have figured that’s as good an excuse as any to spend the month digging deep in to our mutual love of ice cream. This Lemony Cheesecake Ice Cream is sweet, tart, creamy, tangy and super refreshing. It’s also a snap to make, with all of the ice cream ingredients whirring together in a blender before chilling and churning – making this an easy weekend (or weeknight) treat.



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