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Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

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What’s the point of adding sourdough discard to chocolate chip cookies, you ask?  Chocolate chip cookies are already amazing by themselves!!  Yes, you’re right.  But… Every time you try a new chocolate chip cookie isn’t it a little bit different … Continue reading

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Tiny, Salty, Chocolatey Cookies

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Like lots of folks, the longer this quarantining lasts, the more I’m missing my friends. I still love some aspects of being at home (mostly related to sleeping more and not packing a lunch every day). But, I really miss … Continue reading

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“Make do” Cookies

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Strudel and I had different plans for this month’s theme but in these interesting times we ALL had different plans, right? High school seniors were planning on graduation parties… Busy brides were planning their dream wedding… Many people were planning … Continue reading

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Multigrain Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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These cookies screamed, “Ready for my close up!” so I had to oblige.  Did you ever think you’d see multigrain and chocolate chunk in the same name for a cookie?! Me neither!  These cookies are a perfect chunky, sweet and … Continue reading

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Classic Jammer Cookies

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Classic Jammer Cookies are not my usual sort of treat – they take more than one quick step and there isn’t any chocolate in them. There is, however, the other glorious ingredient – plenty of butter! – and it’s a recipe … Continue reading

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Almost a decade ago I posted about an annual cookie baking tradition in my family that is still going strong in our 23rd year!!  In that post, I briefly went through the recipes we make each year for cookies to … Continue reading

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Black and White Cookies

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Black and White Cookies are pure delicious nostalgia for me. I discovered them living in New York, where they would stare at me, boldly, from behind bakery windows. I took their “come hither” look seriously, and spend a decent portion … Continue reading

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Holiday Cookies – more than just baking!

Posted on Dozens of Cookies

This weekend, I helped a friend bake cookies for her work.  The conversation went a little like this about a week ago (after she ate a cookie I made at a party I hosted)… Her – “I need to make … Continue reading

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Parmesan Crisps

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I just can’t cookie anymore! If I eat one more rum ball, spritz cookie or sugar cookie… Need I say more?! I normally try to maintain a little bit of self control during the holidays but this season I didn’t.  … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Many months ago, a work colleague told me that he had found the best cookie he’d ever eaten; a thin, slightly chewy, crisply sugar-crusted peanut butter chocolate chip treat. They came from a coffee shop near his house, and one … Continue reading

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