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In 2007, two strangers met at an artisan bread baking class in downtown Denver and instantly became baking friends!  Many weekends ensued with babka, challah, brioche, and cookies (with some jeans shopping and visits to coffee shops in between).  One friend moved to Seattle in the fall of 2010 and the other friend couldn’t bear to bake without her.  Hence, the creation of this blog!  Strudel is in Seattle baking in her cozy kitchen on the many cold and rainy days, while Streusel remains in Denver, baking in her recently acquired new dream kitchen replacing her 1960’s avocado green kitchen.  This blog was created so that we could stay connected through our shared love of all things flour-y, yeast-y, and delicious. Some days we bake, some days we cook, and other times we talk about the latest coffee shop or bake shop we’ve discovered.


About Our Name

Almost 10 years ago, during one of our coffee-fueled babka-making sessions in Streusel’s kitchen, Streusel talked to Strudel about her dream to open a bakery. Learning that Strudel shared the same dream, the conversation quickly turned into, “What would we call our bakery?!” As we had just finished a freakishly long and extraordinarily confusing conversation about the difference between strudel and streusel (despite her best efforts to explain, it’s still only something only Streusel remains clear about), Streusel brilliantly came up with that as our bakery name. In the fall of 2010, when Streusel landed on her next great idea- a blog- the name was (obviously!) obvious!


More about Streusel…

My name is Tiffany, aka Streusel. I was born in Denver but moved around extensively as a child.  I moved back to Denver in 1997.  I have always loved to bake and at one time dreamed about opening my own bakery until I read, “The Baker’s Trade, a Recipe for Creating the Successful Small Bakery” by Zachary Schat.  The long EARLY hours made me rethink my decision (at least for right now).  Blogging is a great way to satisfy my craving for baking and sharing recipes AND keeping in touch with my good friend who moved to Seattle 7 years ago.  When I’m not baking, I spend time with my wonderful daughter-Addison and work full-time at the same great job for the past 20 years.


And a little about Strudel…

Except when I’m here on this blog, I’m called Morgan. Originally from California, I lived in New York City for many years, Denver for a while, and in August 2010, moved to Seattle to start a new adventure in this (new to me) city. I come from a family that cooks, bakes, and uses the kitchen as place to express both love and creativity; in my world, food is something that brings people together and connects them, and this blog is just another way to make that happen. In the rest of my life, I’m a social worker at a non-profit serving homeless youth. I also love to run, practice yoga, and spend time gushing over my 5 amazing nieces and nephews.

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