Rustic Apple Pie

Rustic Apple Pie

StreuselI made this rustic pie for a friend that will be spending Thanksgiving alone this year.  She said to me, “I can’t make a pie just for me!”.  I wanted to say, “Umm, Why not?”  but instead I said, “I’ll make you a rustic pie and then you only need to eat a piece and freeze the rest!”

Like many of us, our holiday plans have changed and pairing down our meals does NOT mean we sacrifice the best part of Thanksgiving – the pie!  I know many people who don’t make pie because they don’t want to make one whole pie for themselves (myself excluded!) and maybe that’s why hand pies are so popular.

Why not try a rustic pie?

Rustic pies are a baking deception.  These dishless pies seem fancy and extra effort to those who don’t bake and most importantly they don’t feel like a whole pie!   Like a galette, with this more rustic free form, you can slice it up, wrap it up and store away in the freezer for the next holiday or a random Wednesday night!  Yes, of course, you can do that with any pie, but for some reason, with a rustic pie it just feels right (almost an obligation really) to eat a bit and freeze the rest!

Straight from the freezer, 30 seconds in the microwave and you have yourself a homemade piece of pie while you’re binging on old episodes of Will & Grace. The reality is this recipe is pretty much a whole pie (at least a whole double pie crust), it’s easy to make and when given as a gift let’s others know they are worthy of a fancy pie!

Did you miss that?  Unlike a galette, this pie is a whole double pie crust!  Rustic = Less Fruit.  Admit it, you only eat pie for its crust, does anyone really care about the filling?!  The filling is  just a front to not have to say, “I ate a pie crust yesterday!”

So, even, if it’s just you on Thanksgiving and maybe you are eating leftover pizza while binge watching your favorite TV show – do yourself a favor, make this rustic pie for only you.  Enjoy it in one sitting or enjoy it for weeks to come!  Stay Safe and Healthy!

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