Pesto Bread

Readers of this blog may remember that both Streusel and I have a Thing for Italy. We’ve both written about our trips. And, of course, a variety of Italian-inspired foods have gotten solid coverage here, as well. So, it’s no surprise to me that, while we decided to focus on breads from other countries this month, we both somehow managed to make breads originating in Italy. Streusel went sweet, I went savory. A chewy, punchy, and pillowy sort of savory.


This bread comes from a cookbook – The Italian Baker – that I discovered the recipe when I was looking for a bread to dip into the fish stew I was making for dinner. The bread was punchy with sweet basil and garlic, and was perfect for dipping into the rich tomato broth. And even with two separate rises, it was still quite simple and speedy to make. The bread emerges from the oven like a perfect light brown, puff of a pillow, with a crusty exterior and chewy, fragrant interior.


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