Apple Scones with Brown Sugar Glaze

There are moments when I think the actual title of our blog should be “Strudel & Streusel Make Scones”. Since we do, in fact, make a lot of scones.


In our defense, it’s because scones are amazing – as you can tell by the recipes linked above, we love them both sweet or savory, for breakfast or dinner, and appreciate how simple and super speedy they are to mix and bake. These Apple Scones with Brown Sugar Glaze, for example, ease us into October with apple and caramel flavors, are tender and sightly spiced, and can be made and baked in about 30-35 minutes (or 35-40 minutes, if you want to include making, baking, and eating times).



Once again, I’ve relied on my simple scone recipe as the base, and then altered it for the apples and cinnamon. They are certainly delicious – and less decadent – without the glaze, but the added buttery/caramel flavors shouldn’t be missed.



[tasty-recipe id=”9739″]

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