Butternut Squash Savory Pie

Butternut Squash Savory Pie

StreuselAs the mornings feel like fall, it’s time to bake with squash.  I’m ready for a little cooler weather, it’s been too hot here in Colorado and as much as I don’t want to wish winter to be here…

I very much want sweater weather right now.  Sweater weather makes it that much more inviting to fire up the oven and bake!  We’ve baked plenty of sweet treats before by adding squash; spaghetti squash, acorn squash and of course pumpkin and more pumpkin!  For our first recipe this month I felt like a different squash.  Butternut squash!  Also, I felt like savory instead of sweet.  Don’t fret, we’ll have plenty more sweetly baked goods later this month.

This recipe is easy, especially thanks to a present Strudel gave me a while back – an Instant Pot.  This recipe is a perfect combination of a slightly sweet butternut squash, spicy italian sausage and freshly dug golden potatoes.

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