Zucchini Bread Pudding

Zucchini Bread Pudding


StreuselThis is unlike any other bread pudding I’ve ever tasted AND quite addictive.  I will eat a good bread pudding from time to time but I don’t crave it.  This bread pudding is bread pudding taken up a notch.  It’s the tenderness of zucchini bread baked to a gold brown with a sprinkling of brown sugar.


This recipe came about as a way to salvage a baking mishap.  A friend gave me lots of beautiful home grown zucchini recently and to repay her I wanted to make her family some zucchini bread.  I baked up the bread and even though I buttered and floured the loaf pans, when I went to plop them upside down and out of the pan, with one loaf, half the loaf stayed in the pan.

So sad.

Luckily one loaf was still intact to give to my friend but I knew no one would want a ripped in half loaf.  Now left with the top and a bottom of said loaf, I wondered if I could cube it and turn it into bread pudding.  I quickly found a New York Times Cooking recipe for a Simple Bread Pudding that easily turned my mishap into a delicious dessert.

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