Savory Breakfast Biscuits

savory breakfast biscuit

These days, most people with gardens are complaining about the vast amounts of giant zucchini they can’t stop growing. This is not an issue I have, because – for whatever reason – zucchini plants have consistently gone on strike in my yard. Despite years of effort, they refuse to fruit; I try to remind myself this isn’t a character flaw, but it’s hard not to take it personally!


Nonetheless, the time is ripe (haha!) to figure out what to do with all of the zucchini we grow, are gifted, or buy on sale a the store. This week, I decided to incorporate it into some super simple Savory Breakfast Biscuits, and pack the biscuits full of cheesy, (faux) meaty, zippy flavor. The zucchini adds a bit of texture and tenderness (and healthy veggie-ness, of course!) but otherwise lets the rest of the ingredients shine.


Brandon and I ate these Savory Breakfast Biscuits under a pile of fluffy scrambled eggs, and also I (oddly) served them to my buddy Christopher for happy hour – and even though it didn’t *quite* go with the rosé we were drinking, they were quickly gobbled due to their deliciousness.



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