Creole Zucchini Crisps

StreuselStrudel’s focaccia last week looked so mouth-wateringly good, I couldn’t stop thinking about making something else with zucchini this week.  I made this zucchini goat cheese tart several years ago and these fries and although both of these recipes were easy, nothing beats these quick and super tasty zucchini crisps.

Simple and satisfying, you can make these in under 30 minutes and if you’re like me, you’ll eat an entire zucchini in less than 5 minutes.  I ate these along side a cajun chicken burger for lunch today.  I picked up this creole seasoning at my local grocery store and I have been putting it on almost everything for months.  It adds just enough heat, salt and flavor to eggs, fish, poultry and now zucchini!

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