Blueberry Sourdough Crunch Muffins

Blueberry Sourdough Crunch Muffins


I have a confession to make: I had a rough time with my sourdough starter. I know the rest of the world is gleefully growing yeast, such was not my experience. I had a great go of it for about 10 days – with some amount of bubbling and lots of discard – before the starter grew exhausted and punked out.


But – prior to my Sourdough Starter becoming a Sourdough Stopper – I made a few great recipes, including these blueberry muffins. Cornmeal adds the “crunch” and Demerara sugar creates a sweet and crackly top – and the cake itself is sweet, burst-y with ripe blueberries and super moist.


In so far as my future with sourdough starters – well, more on that to come! I’m just superstitious enough now to say anything, but *hopefully* I’ll have more to say soon 😉.



blueberry sourdough crunch muffins

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