Whole Wheat Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Whole Wheat Coffee Cake

StreuselThere is still no all-purpose flour at my grocery store!  I have whole wheat flour though so I went straight to King Arthur Flour for help.  A coffee cake recipe solely with whole wheat flour made me skeptical that would it would be dry but this recipe was tender, hearty, sweet and salty.  It was the perfect morning (and maybe late afternoon too) treat.

I had to do some substitutions of course with this coffee cake but even in the best of times, I like substitutions and experimenting.  If you’ve got it, the hazelnut flour is a good substitution.  It adds even more depth to this already flavorful breakfast!  Cardamom instead of nutmeg was a nice switch and I added double the salt to the streusel topping which paired nicely with the brown sugar sweetness.

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