Small Batch Buttery Sourdough Biscuits

Buttery Sourdough Biscuits

Like the rest of America, I’m spending my time indoors making a sourdough starter. Streusel has been talking about hers for years, and I did try once, but gave up on it pretty quickly; apparently I found it overwhelming to stir flour and water twice a day (am currently rolling my eyes at myself). But now that my commute involves putting my laptop on the dining room table, I have a bit of extra time for stirring.


I read a bunch of recipes for starter, including this one from NY Times Cooking (a site I usually love!). Maybe it’s amazing – but who the hell has pineapple juice sitting around? Maybe in another time when I could pop out to the store, but not these days. So, I went with the KAF recipe and appreciated this article. It had just enough details – but not too many! – and that helped me.


One thing I learned: after the first 24 hours, the starter looks pretty gross. It’s brown and watery, which means that it’s hungry *not* that it’s gone bad (embarrassing note: I threw away my first starter because I though the brown wateriness was bad).


Now that I’m back on track, as I wait for my starter to ripen, I’ve been baking with the discard. In these days of “use what you have on hand,” it’s been fun to bake something new, and I also like that I’m not just waste perfectly good ingredients (though admittedly I’ve done a bit of that too – there *is* a lot of excess starter!).


Buttery Sourdough Biscuits were definitely made for weekends – not because they’re hard (quite the opposite!) but because they taste luxurious and decadent and make you feel like you’re easing your way into the weekend. And because I’m a baking fiend these days, I halved the recipe – my freezer is plenty full.


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