“Make do” Cookies

make do cookies

StreuselStrudel and I had different plans for this month’s theme but in these interesting times we ALL had different plans, right?

High school seniors were planning on graduation parties…

Busy brides were planning their dream wedding…

Many people were planning on paying their bills until they lost their job.

Generations before us, have had uncertain times, times of economic depression, times of war and they had to make do.  In my bubble, before March of 2020, I haven’t had to make do, I can buy anything I want at any time and I am so grateful!  It’s been weird for probably all of us to go into our grocery stores and not find flour or sugar or yeast or toilet paper, we’ve had to make do.

So in the spirit of making do, Strudel and I decided this month (and maybe longer) would be back to basics baking.

Basic recipes with what you have.

I currently have no flour and I hope that later today when I go to the grocery store they finally have some.  In my commitment to social distancing, I am only going to my local grocery store and if they don’t have it, I go home.  As someone who is still physically going into work most days, I feel obligated to avoid moving all over town, even with a home sewn mask.  Therefore this recipe is flourless.  It’s simple, easy and tasted really good with my decaf Candy Cane Lane tea.  That’s right, in an effort to make do, I am drinking holiday tea!!!

This recipe comes from King Arthur Flour.  We love KA here at Strudel & Streusel.  I love them so much I made a pilgrimage to their store in Vermont years ago, the photo below is in front of their wonderful shop in Vermont, circa 2008.  I remember buying lots of their cake mixes while there and some contained liquids.  As I went through TSA in Boston, there was a brief moment of panic as I was pulled aside to investigate my carry-on which was full of KA boxes.  They almost took them away… almost!

I had no vanilla, no biggie.  These cookies don’t need it.  I only had 3/4 c. peanut butter so I scaled the recipe back but still added a large egg which made these cookies chewy and absolutely addictive!

king arthur flour

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