Italian Easter Cheese Bread

It was only after I’d baked this bread that I realized that it’s the *fifth* recipe for cheese bread that we have on this site. I also noted that all the other recipes have come from my brilliant co-blogger, who is tireless in her efforts to discover new ways to incorporate cheese into carbs. I find her commitment to be inspiring, and I’m proud to be adding to our Cheesy Bread collection with this fantastic offering, Italian Easter Cheese Bread.


This month, we’re focusing on enriched breads – breads that contain fats, commonly thanks to eggs, butter and/or milk. Since we’re about to enter Spring holiday season, this Italian Cheese Bread seemed like a great recipe to try out (to note, I’m of the non-leavened bread springtime holiday ilk, but that’s not until next month. And besides, who am I to say no to anything Italian?).


For a quick history lesson, this dough is apparently from Umbria and was traditionally served at Easter lunch (it’s apparently also killer with a slice of ham, though again, I’ll trust that’s true and leave the experimenting to the meat-eaters). From my end, I can say that the buttery, crisp crust is bursting with a light, savory, cheesy interior. The bread is excellent on it’s own, and is also fantastic toasted with eggs (or maybe a fried egg sandwich?!). If you have a stand mixer, it’s quite simple to make. There are two rises to coordinate your life schedule around, so it’s admittedly, it’s not quite as fast as this guy (but so totally 100% worth the time).





I know I’m biased, but isn’t it great to have a trusted blog where you have so many cheese bread options to chose from?!


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