Banana Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting

The idea for a Banana Cake came from my recent visit to Hawai’i, where I ate banana bread with abandon while simultaneously plotting how I could recreate this joy in my own kitchen. We focused most of our loaf-eating while driving the Road to Hana. My favorite was from Hana Farms¬†where the small loaf was sweet and springy and packed with flavor. I’m not embarrassed to admit that it’s sugary sweet-spicy topping was my reason for getting out of bed one morning.



For this month’s post, though, I decided to deal with reality – what we call “bread” is, of course, cake. And realist that I am, I figured I should try to recreate and actual cake – with frosting and everything! – to acknowledge exactly what we’re eating. I’m sure I’ll return to try again the mini-loaf like the one from Hana Farms, but in the meanwhile, let’s eat some cake!






The cake and frosting are quick to make and bake – just don’t make the mistake I did, and frost the cake while it was still a little warm (which is, like the #1 don’t do in baking – sometimes truly don’t know why I do the things I do… ). The chocolate hazelnut makes this cake an extra special treat. If your cake comes out with a dome on top, just cut off the top to make a flat surface to frost.


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