Multigrain Chocolate Chunk Cookies

multigrain chocolate chunk cookie

StreuselThese cookies screamed, “Ready for my close up!” so I had to oblige.  Did you ever think you’d see multigrain and chocolate chunk in the same name for a cookie?!

Me neither!  These cookies are a perfect chunky, sweet and hearty combination of ALL GOOD ingredients.  I saw these cookies on Bon Appétit and immediately knew I had to try them to round out multigrain month here at Strudel & Streusel.  So let me go on record…

These may very well be my favorite cookie EVER!  They are that good!

The original recipe says to chill the dough before baking.  I didn’t do this and they were perfect.  I used buckwheat flour instead of whole wheat flour so maybe that increased their ability to hold up without being cold.  I wasn’t sure if the chill time was to soften any of the crunchy ingredients added but they taste amazing crunchy so I’m not sure why you would want to soften it. I adapted the combination of ingredients just as the recipe suggests and I feel it’s a forgiving recipe so have fun and experiment…

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