StreuselAlmost a decade ago I posted about an annual cookie baking tradition in my family that is still going strong in our 23rd year!!  In that post, I briefly went through the recipes we make each year for cookies to give to friends and family.  It’s fun to look back and see the recipes that have stayed year after year.  There’s one recipe that stands out this year and I wanted to revisit it with you… sugarplums.

This recipe for sugarplums was added to the cookie list in 2009.  It was a recipe that Sharon’s sister, Eileen, was making at the time and shared it with us.  The feedback we got from adding these to the cookie tins was unanimous…keep making them.  They are sweet and chewy on the inside, sweet and crunchy on the outside.  Did I mention they’re sweet?!  I like that they are a gluten-free addition to the tin as well.

When I make a recipe that has been handed down through the generations or shared by a friend, I think of the person who shared it and it takes me back to past memories.  I feel their presence with me.  Eileen has been in declining health and Sharon was informed this week that she is being kept comfortable but her death is imminent.  As we made these sugarplums yesterday, I was glad to have made them all these years, have her recipe and think of the good times with Eileen.  Next year when we make these sugarplums again, Eileen will still be with us as Sharon bakes these sugarplums, as I roll them out and as Addison gives them their final touch of a roll in sparkling sugar.

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