Browned Butter Bourbon Banana Bread

Browned Butter Bourbon Banana Bread

StreuselSay this bread’s name five times…go!  Yeah, it’s a lot of “B” but let’s add a few more like bursting with buttery flavor inside and a slightly crunchy brown sugar bottom!  This banana bread is not like any banana bread you’ve ever eaten.  It’s super moist and makes the house smell delightful!  This recipe comes from Food52 with a few modifications of course.

Strudel and I are bringing you bread this month!  Not just any kind of bread though.  The bread that you want to share with friends as holiday gifts or the bread you display when inviting friends over for coffee.  We’re showcasing the kind of breads this month that will put you in the entertaining holiday mood fast.

You might remember from this post and this post that browned butter takes your baking to a whole new level.  This bread is no different.  What else could you use browned butter in?  Almost anything.  I’ve even drizzled it on roasted veggies.  Happy Holiday Baking!!


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