Apple Almond Scones

Apple Almond Scone

I try to incorporate as many Sunday vibes in to my Saturdays as possible. I want the cozy, lazy, laid-back feeling of a Sunday, but want to capture it as early as possible in the weekend so that I have as much time as possible to enjoy it.


Of course, I live in the real world, so weekends aren’t just for being cozy; they’re also for paying bills, going to the grocery store, and pretending like I’m going to clean my house. But I try my hardest to be as hygge AF in the moments I can work it in, and baking fall treats – when I can be in a routine of chopping, mixing, sipping coffee from my local coffee shop and listening to NPR – totally fits the bill. Plus, it makes the house smell absolutely amazing.


Enter these Apple Almond Scones. Yesterday I quickly put them together, and while they baked, I made some speedy scrambled eggs to go on the side (obviously – eggs were on the side of scones, not the other way around. You know how we feel about gluten around here!). The scones were fragrant and tender, a mildly sweet and a little nutty.  A lovely way to start off a fake Sunday (e.g. a Saturday).






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