Pumpkin Oat Crunch Muffins

pumpkin oat streusel

StreuselThere’s a million pumpkin muffin recipes out there.  Why should you make these pumpkin oat crunch muffins?

Full of pumpkin flavor. Super tender and buttery. Topped with a sweet crunchy streusel.

This recipe truly was an experiment that on the first try completely worked!  I looked around for recipes and none really suited me so I just started throwing the ingredients together.

People have asked me how I bake without a recipe.  I guess it just comes down to years of using recipes and studying how each ingredient contributes to a recipe.  You can do it too.

You know every muffin has some kind of butter or oil, right?  Every muffin has some kind of sweetener.  Leavener. Flour.  You get the idea.  Whether it’s a muffin, cake or cookie, it starts with the fat.  Then comes the sugar.  Then comes a mix of flour, salt and leavener such as baking powder.  Don’t forget the added moisture and leavening that comes from an egg or two.  Throw in some flavor with vanilla. Voila!


Try your own experiment at home.  Want to learn a little more behind the science of recipes?  How about a custard or cookie.  Harold McGee’s “On Food and Cooking” is a great reference to add to your cookbook collection if you’d like to know more about the science in the kitchen!


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