Pear Cobbler


Pear Cobbler

StreuselAnother fruit grown extensively on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains is pears!

The pears are ripe and I decided to take a break from all of the peaches and demonstrate a cobbler with some fresh Colorado pears!


Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far this month…

Crisp – Fruit topped with a crumbly mixture of sugar and flour and butter and OATS – hence the crisp!

Crumble – Fruit topped with a crumbly mixture of sugar and flour and butter, no oats

Buckle – Typically berries blended into a coffee cake where the batter sinks and the streusel topping and fruit buckle.


Now to the Cobbler, similar to a crisp or crumble but now the topping is a dough.  It’s not a full cake like the buckle with eggs and all.  This dough is more of a sweet biscuit dough, no eggs, but we do have leavening in the form of baking powder and we have liquid added in!  This dough is then cobbled on top of the fruit and baked to a golden brown.


The pears were the perfect fruit for this cobbler.  They were tender while the cobbler top was soaked with some of the pear juice underneath and the top was crunchy.  Many textures and flavors going on in this dessert!  Add a cold whipped cream on top – perfection!

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