Berry Buckle

bursting with fruit

This week I tried my hand at a baking Berry Buckle. In our ongoing quest to define various summertime desserts, a buckle was next on my list.


“What makes a buckle a buckle?” You may ask (or at least, I did!). In my internet perusing, I learned that a buckle is more cake-like, though it’s a cake baked with fresh fruit (just to be clear, just because it’s fruit + cake, it does not make it a fruitcake). The cake is supposed to “buckle” around the large amount of fruit in the cake.


And you know what else?! It has a streusel topping. If that’s not a perfect cake to try in these diminishing days of summer, I don’t know what is!



This buckle was awesome – the cake is dense and moist, the fruit is perfume-y and sweet, and the streusel topping is crisp and buttery. It was great as a dessert, but also could be delicious for a brunch or afternoon treat with a cup of coffee. Also, it shouldn’t be limited to summertime – this could be easily made in the non-fresh fruit seasons with some frozen fruit.





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