Peach Crumble

peach crumble

StreuselCrisp?  Crumble?  What’s the difference?

Well, it’s a little confusing because some would say a crisp has oats and a crumble doesn’t BUT then I easily found recipes where crumbles had oats?!  Strudel’s crisp last week definitely had oats!  The Kitchn tells me…

Crisps have oats.  Crumbles – no oats!

Oats or no oats, this dessert seems to have started during WWII when rationing of flour, fat and sugar turned the pie into this more economical and easy to make dessert!  Adding oats into a crisp was a way to use even less flour.

This recipe is definitely EASY.  I made this dish in the morning before work and shared it at a staff meeting to rave reviews.  I had to fight them off to snap this photo before they dug in!  It feeds 5 to 6 people generously!!

I chose to make this crumble with peaches because it’s September and if you know anything about September in Colorado, you know that we relish in two things during this month – Palisade Peaches and Green Chili.  Although, there are such things as a savory crumble, I didn’t think many would enjoy a green chili crumble!

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