Summer Fruit Crisp

summer fruit crisp

It’s nearing the end of summer (I *refuse* any suggestion that our warm sunny season is over), and I’m working on putting as much summer fruit in my face as possible before the end of season. Streusel and I also decided that while we’re piling in the berries and stone fruits, we should also take the opportunity to define the differences between cobblers, crumbles, crisps and buckles. I’m starting things off this month with this Summer Fruit Crisp.


Before we get to defining our desserts, it’s important that I announce this: this Crisp is a dream. It’s so good – packed with sweet peaches and fragrant ripe strawberries, with a lid of hearty oats, crunchy almonds and warming spices, it tastes like all the best parts of summertime.



But! Let’s get to the scholarly part of this blog post.


It’s the topping that makes a crisp a crisp. Usually, for crisps, the topping includes a combination of oats, nuts, butter, sugar, flour, and spices. It’s very vaguely like a granola on top. One of the things I really like about crisps is that it’s totally different than a pie – and since I’ve come to really love pie, whenever I make a cobbler or something with a dough-like situation, I always wonder why I wound’t just make a pie instead (which, BTW, is a question we’ll answer later this month!). A crisp is a different situation entirely.


A few notes about this crisp:

  1. I highly suggest using the clear jel, if you have it. It works so well as a thickener, which is needed in this recipe because of all the wet fruit
  2. Frozen fruits can be substituted, but you may want to up the sugar a bit. I used super ripe fresh fruit, which means it was likely much sweeter than what we’ll find in the frozen fruit section
  3. I suggest serving with ice cream 😀


fruit crisp


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