Kale and Paneer Filled Grilled Naan

naan stuffed with kale and paneer

I struggled with what to name this blog post, because there’s so many wonderful and homemade things happening. There’s the naan itself, which is tender and squishy and chewy and buttery and salty; plus the “I can’t believe how quickly I just made cheese” tangy and crumbly paneer. There’s also the hearty, toothy kale that turns this stuffed naan from a snack and into a meal. Also, it was grilled on the barbecue, which gave it a a bit of roastiness.


So, I thought about “Homemade Naan with Kale and Paneer” or “Grilled Naan with Homemade Paneer and Kale” or “Stuffed Naan with Kale and Homemade Paneer” etc. In the end, I figured it would be understood that naan is homemade (this is a baking blog, after all), also that the word “stuffed” sounded weird, and that the grilling part is important. So,  I went with “Kale and Paneer Filled Grilled Naan” – it’s sort of the least + most words I could figure out how to fit in to one title.


Nothing in this recipe is difficult, and start-to-finish, it took me about two hours, which I thought was pretty good for making a bread, cheese, and a filling. Also, it’s totally worth the time! The naan is particularly delicious right after it comes off the grill, when the butter and salt hit the charred parts of the squishy dough – uch, divine. I love gluten so much.


One thing I really liked about baking this naan on the grill is that I have much more room to maneuver around – this pita is delicious, but whenever I make it there’s a bit of contorting in in order to get the dough to the back parts of the oven, plus the flipping (oh, the flipping!). It always turns out just fine, but using the grill just felt so roomy!



I gathered these recipes from a few different places – the naan is from Fine Cooking, and the Paneer is from a recipe from Aarti Sequeira on food network.com.




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