Chocolate Chunk Graham Ice Cream

Chocolate Chunk Graham Ice Cream


On Friday morning, I told Brandon that one of my goals for the weekend was to eat ice cream. Since I’m a task-oriented person, I’d achieved that goal by Friday evening.


We went to Bluebird¬†where I had a very delicious ice cream with a graham cracker-flavored base. It was creamy, sweet, rich – all the things I love – though it didn’t have chocolate(!) and I couldn’t help but wish for a bit of a bit of texture and crunch in my ice cream.


Since I have the means and the motivation, why dream when I can actualize?!




I got busy today making my ideal version of a graham-flavored frozen treat. As it turns out, it was super easy to make. Using my usual ice cream based, I dissolved (then strained) graham crackers in to a milk/cream mixture, making a perfect backdrop to showcase my “texture” – glorious, rich, dark chocolate chunks.




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