Thimbleberry Frozen Custard

Thimbleberry Frozen Custard

StreuselYou might recall that Strudel and I were very grateful last month to be able to attend the 2019 IFBC in Juneau Alaska!  I came away totally enamored with Juneau!  While at the opening reception of the IFBC, I met Vivian, a native to Alaska, a member of the Tlingit, a Raven from the T’akdeintaan Clan.

In talking with Vivian she helped me identify many of the plants (via my cell phone pictures) I had taken pictures of while on a hike earlier that day.

Alaska Flora

Left, Bunchberry; Upper Right, Bog Laurel; Lower Right, Starry Cassiope


Check out this giant skunk cabbage (that’s my shoe to the left)!

Skunk Cabbage

Not only did I enjoy her knowledge of the local flora and medicinal uses, but I was even more interested to learn that she had a shop in Juneau called Planet Alaska.  Here, Vivian and her partner, sell local art, jewelry and food.  She told me that she had just finished harvesting thimbleberries and had a fresh batch of Thimbleberry Jam available in their shop.  I made it a top priority to get a jar of the jam before leaving Juneau!

Thimbleberry Jam

Upon returning home I was conflicted with how to best use this limited and therefore precious amount of jam.  I didn’t want to just slather it on bread.  I wanted to showcase it for all of you in a post.  When Strudel and I committed to ice cream this month (it was a difficult topic to commit too) I knew how best to show off this jam.  This post has a two-fold purpose because I have never made frozen custard.  Hence this simple yet rich and flavorful summertime treat easily came together.  The base came from a King Arthur recipe although I used duck egg yolks because, well, I could!  The crunchiness of the thimbleberry seeds (think raspberry-like) gives the thick custard a nice texture.

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