Salted Pistachio Oreo Ice Cream

Salted Pistachio Oreo

StreuselI worked for many years within walking distance of Little Man Ice Cream, a Denver hot spot for the best ice cream around.  I like ice cream but I have never craved ice cream.  That was until trying Little Man’s Salted Oreo Ice Cream.  It’s perfectly salty, perfectly sweet… perfectly amazing!

I don’t particularly care for oreo cookies.  My daughter loves oreos but they can sit in my pantry forever if she doesn’t eat them.  However, this summer, she introduced me to Pistachio Oreo Thins – Oh my!!  I could eat an entire bag of these Oreo Thins in one sitting!

My work recently moved and I am no longer any where near Little Man Ice Cream and I miss their Salted Oreo Ice Cream!  While devouring some pistachio thins, I knew they were destined to go into my own version of salted ice cream!

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