Island Trail Mix

Island Trail Mix

StreuselIt’s Memorial Day weekend and the last post in our outdoor snack series!!  What better than one last trail mix recipe!

Stayed tuned for next month’s theme (hint:  it’s veggie heavy!).

I wanted to make a “not-your-run-of-the-mill” trail mix and scoured the internet finding this recipe for inspiration.  Of course I altered the heck out of it and even came up with my own name for it!

This trail mix recipe is a KEEPER!

I love hiking and some summers spend a lot of time outdoors and I hope this summer will fit into that category.  I am fortunate to live 10 minutes from dozens of beautiful trails nestled in the foothills of the Rockies.  The key is finding the ones no one else knows about, nothing ruins a good hike like a thousand of your closest friends!  Colorado’s population increased 80,000 people in the last year and I feel like they all moved to my neighborhood!

The key to a good hike is plenty of water, a jacket (you never know when a storm could hit), sunscreen, good shoes and GREAT snacks!  Throw this trail mix in a gallon size bag and share with friends.  You’ll be the essential part of their next hike, everyone loves the person who brings tasty food!

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