PB&J Granola Bars

PB&J Granola Bar


Just like past meals I still reminisce about, I have a collection of snacks that have taken firm hold of my memories. About a million years ago (aka the early 2000’s), I participated in the Northeast AIDS ride. It was a 4 day bike ride from New York to Boston, in support of research to find a cure for HIV and AIDS. My friend and I spent a very long summer training for this 350 mile bike ride. In the beginning, we were novices, worried about helmet hair and self conscious about our outfits. By the end, we were hanging out in padded spandex shorts, super-tight sweat-wicking shirts, salty with sweaty, and sticky with gatorade.


The actual event itself was extremely well coordinated, and I so clearly remember all of the (very wonderful) refreshment stops along the way. You could re-up on your power drinks and pick up a snack. At those stops, one of the frequent snacks they had was peanut butter and jelly on graham crackers. I remember the unbelievable revelation of this snack – salty, sweet, crisp, creamy. It was *so* delicious and perfect when I was hungry and sweaty. Plus, it was nice and filling without being too heavy.


This month on S&S we’re focusing on snacks that you can take in to the great outdoors. As it gets warmer, we want to be outside, moving around and being healthy. While we’re at it, we’ll bring along some snacks that will help us along in our good intentions. So, inspired by those graham crackers of days past, I created these PB&J granola bars that are portable and snack-able for hiking, walking, or as a tasty post-workout bite to eat.



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