Molasses Oatmeal Bread

molasses oatmeal bread

StreuselI don’t really eat sandwiches.  I like them (mostly when piled high with bacon and guacamole) but don’t crave them and certainly don’t need another vehicle for bacon or guacamole.  Like Strudel, I rarely buy store-bought bread (except the occasional Ezekiel Sprouted Grain), it leaves me disappointed.

Homemade bread is SO worth the effort!

The problem is I end up eating the whole loaf. This oatmeal bread recipe is no different BUT unlike some breads, I felt ZERO guilt about eating all of it!  It’s quite possible the best sandwich bread I’ve ever made or eaten!!

Like I have said before, I wish this blog was a scratch ‘n’ sniff blog.

This bread smells amazing! It filled the house with a wonderfully sweet smell.

This bread tastes amazing!  It’s super tender (especially with salted irish butter slathered all over it).

More importantly, this oatmeal bread was easy.  I adapted this recipe from a Food52 recipe.  I turned it into a one loaf recipe (the original is 4 loaves, I would eat four loaves of bread in no time flat) and cut the rise time.  Always a risk to play around with the rise time of a recipe and it sometimes doesn’t bode well for me but this time it worked perfectly!

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