Sandwich Bread

sandwich bread

I’m always working to find ways to combine my love of baking with my desire to be lazy, all the while incorporating my value of eating (mostly) clean. I almost never buy loaves of bread anymore – at the grocery store, I’ve noticed that the soft, tasty breads have too many unidentifiable “foods” on the ingredient list. Meanwhile, the uber-healthy breads tend to be stiff and dry. So, mostly, I just avoid.


But you know, sometimes, a lady just wants to eat a sandwich.


(in this scenario, I’m the lady AND also the one that wants the sandwich)


I’m meeting this challenge head-on, as Streusel and I have deemed April “sandwich bread month.” We’re going to be exploring ways we can make our daytime lunches (and late night snacks) a bit more delicious.


For my first post this month, I wanted to find a recipe that was super-simple; I figure it makes sense to get the basics down before we try things a little more involved. First up is this dead easy, perfectly traditional sandwich bread. It’s made with a list of ingredients that I already have at home, and I was able to make it during my Sunday meal-prep time. The resulting bread has a golden crust, as soft interior, and is perfectly sliceable for this weeks’ sandwiches.




[tasty-recipe id=”8410″]



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