Egg Cakes – Two Ways


egg cakes


StreuselTo finish off Egg Month I wanted to make something different, something I had never made before.  A little internet searching and I discovered Chinese Egg Cakes.  I used this recipe to create my own.  The simplicity and flavor of these cakes is phenomenal.  Light, slightly sweet, with a hint of lemon – they would be a great addition to any brunch or maybe even an Easter table.

Nowadays, anything I bake in the oven I also want to try in the instant pot – just to see what happens!  This recipe was no different.  Although my instant pot makes the most amazing hard boiled eggs and hearty meals, I have yet to find anything baked that tastes better in the instant pot (including this recipe) but it’s fun to try and I will keep searching and experimenting!

The instant pot version of egg cakes don’t look nearly as pretty as the baked ones but I think with a little tweaking they would taste better (they were denser than I would have liked) because they have more of a steamed, soft texture to them.

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