Fried Egg Pasta

fried egg pasta

I’ve been traveling a bit more than usual lately – some for work and some for fun – and as much as I like the adventure of getting away, and the break in my routine, I also really like getting back home to all the familiar things (side note: I also am nearly obsessed with collecting airline miles. I finally achieved MVP status on Alaska, which means I can now reserve the exit row – which is swoon-worthy. We never knew how good we had it in the 90s when we could reserve those rows with abandon. It’s good to be back!).


One reason I like to cook at home is that I have control over my ingredients – so even when I’m eating indulgent treats, at least I know exactly their ingredients are. When I travel, it can be hard to control what I’m eating and I sometimes end up feeling gross + guilty for whatever desperate food decision I’ve made.


This pasta is the exact example of food that’s definitely indulgent (there’s not an insignificant amount of olive oil 😀), but also so amazing and delicious. And, because I know exactly what’s in it, I also feel like I’m in good control of my eating. Chewy, salty, noodle-y and satisfying, it a heathy but indulgent dinner that’s totally worth it.



The recipe comes from Mark Bittman, and once the water is boiling, can be made in about 10 minutes. I’ve edited the recipe so very slightly, because while all the oil is amazing, I’ve found it’s equally delicious with just a bit less. I’ve also upped the garlic a bit, just for a little extra punch of flavor. Mark seems to believe that the Parmesan is optional, though on that point, I have to respectfully and heartily disagree.




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