Crème Brûlée


creme brulee

StreuselMy all time favorite dessert is a cannoli…

No, wait, it’s chocolate mousse…

Well, maybe it’s a fresh apple pie…


No, no, it’s most definitely Crème Brûlée!

The best crème brûlée I ever had was at an adorable little french restaurant called Le Central in an area of Denver known as the Golden Triangle. Sadly in 2015 it closed after 34 years.  I went there at least once a year (it always felt like a special treat) for about 10 years and every time I went I always saved room for their crème brûlée.

Perfectly creamy.  Perfectly crisp sugar crust!

It brings me great satisfaction to break that spoon through that sugar crust and taste that first bite!!

I have never made crème brûlée at home but I have a li’l butane torch I first used on this pie and decided with this being egg month this was the perfect dessert to use this torchAlton Brown will tell you use a big propane torch, it burns hotter.  I feel like my li’l torch had no problem creating a sugar crust!

I slightly altered this recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef!  I love her recipes and I love her blog.  I had the honor of attending a class Lacey taught at the Tastemaker Conference in Salt Lake City in 2018.  She taught us the essentials of making great recipe videos.  Check her videos out!

I didn’t have heavy cream so I used half and half and an extra egg yolk instead and these little custards turned out perfectly!

Sugar and Candy Glass

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