Egg, Cheese, and Kale Breakfast Pockets


We have a Saturday routine at my house; I get up early(ish), got to yoga, stop at a favorite local coffee shop to pick up their amazing Cafe Con Leche, and then come home and make breakfast for Brandon and me. I love the pace of our little routine; for me, I’ve found that it’s a great way to ease in to the weekend and ensure I get some time to do things that are important to me (namely: yoga, delicious coffee, and a bit of cooking).


One thing that’s always a bit of fun is trying to get creative with leftovers for our Saturday breakfasts. I try to use up whatever is left in our fridge to cook up something original. Leftover rice may get crisped up in a hot pan with a bit of oil and served with a fried egg, some wilted greens, and hot sauce; a few weeks back I finally got around to making homemade english muffins, added in a fried egg and melted cheese, and we had some higher-end breakfast sandwiches. Using leftover beans and combining them in a skillet with eggs, leftover roasted squash, and random veggies, and we have ourselves a hash. You get the idea!


So going along with our Saturday-morning theme, these egg pockets fit perfectly in to our weekend schedule. The crust is, of course, light, flaky and butter (because we would never have it any other way!) and it’s stuffed with a healthy-yet-hearty fillings to get us through the day. Paired with coffees from our local shop, it was a cozy way to start up our weekend!




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