StreuselHave you ever wanted to eat a cloud?

Me neither!  But as I kid I wanted to touch a cloud – so my dad drove me up a mountain side and I captured a cloud in a jar.  To my disappointment it disappeared instantly.

For breakfast, this morning, I ate, what I imagine a cloud tastes like.  If the cloud of course was savory and cheesy!

Light, airy, savory and disappearing quickly like my cloud in a jar, this soufflé was easy and delicious.

Making this soufflé had a three-fold purpose;

  1. To try my hand at making a soufflé
  2. To enjoy a delicious breakfast
  3. To highlight my singularly favorite food – the Egg!

Strudel and I are declaring March  – Egg Month!

Accordingly to my favorite cooking reference manual, “On Food and Cooking” by Harold McGee, the egg is “unmatched as a balanced source of amino acids…includes a plentiful supply of linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that’s essential to the human diet, as well as several minerals, vitamins and two plant pigments, lutein and zeaxanthin – especially valuable antioxidants.”

What would two bakers do without eggs?  Nothing, except maybe make lots of shortbread cookies.

What would a person, like me, who eats this nutritionally perfect food daily do without eggs?  Starve!!  I even owned ducks for several years to consume their delicious eggs!  Sadly, now I eat chicken eggs (extra large ones so they feel kinda like duck eggs).  I am fortunate to know people who raise their own chickens and was recently gifted these beauties..

beautiful eggs!

Almost too beautiful to eat, right?

Almost!  Until you make this and you’ll know that any egg, no matter how beautiful, is meant to be eaten.  Enjoy!


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