Instant Pot Cheesecake with Mango Compote

Instant Pot Cheesecake


Like everyone else, I’ve fallen madly in love with my Instant Pot. How could I not? I now have the ability to magically cook dried beans in a flash and don’t have to soak my steel-cut oats overnight. While I understand with a little pre-planning I could’ve solved all of those problems on my own, I appreciate the that Instant Pot doesn’t demand that I either plan ahead, or that I stay nearby to monitor it’s activity. It just does it’s thing and lets me show up when I’m good and ready. And, apparently, it’s also happy to quietly help me make a rich, creamy, decadent cheesecake with out much mess or fuss.


My dad introduced me to this cheesecake recipe. Inspired by my waxing on about the greatness of the IP, my dad got one, and then started madly experimenting in ways I’d never dreamed of. I had read that people bake in them but COME ON – what’s wrong with an oven?! Well, of course, nothing, except that – ¬†as I discovered when Dad called to update me on his cheesecake antics – it’s not necessary to mess with water baths and uneven oven temperatures when you can just pop foods in to your IP end up with a smooth, rich, and very delicious dessert.



Dad recommend a really wonderful recipe he’d made a few times. I adapted it slightly – I love me some ricotta! – and was thrilled with the resulting dessert. Once I figured out the few fussy bits (ensuring the ingredients were at room temp, finding the right pan, and what the heck is an aluminum foil sling?), the recipe was a breeze to make. It’ll also be great for a dinner party, as it it ideally made 24 hours in advance to allow the flavors to come together. The only other adaptation I made was to including a bit of mango compote to the top for some added some sweet-tart fruitiness to contrast with the creamy cake.




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