Italian Sausage Rolls

StreuselHave you ever tasted the wonderful pastry called Kolache?  They are made of a tender dough that is dolloped with sweet poppy seed paste or various fruits or cream cheese and baked into a golden mound.  I first discovered these delights about 10 years ago when a little place called the Kolache Factory popped up in my old neighborhood.  This little place also sold Kolaches filled with egg and cheese and bacon and all things savory.  Reading this, I realize they were erroneously called Kolache and should have been called Klobasniky!

I don’t live near the Kolache Factory anymore (and it has since been displaced by a Starbuck’s – boohoo!) but I recently thought about them again when last week my friend, Kim, who is of Czech descent, and an avid reader of this blog, told me about a roll her mother likes to make called Klobasniky!  She thought they would be a perfect addition to this month’s theme and I couldn’t agree more!

I adapted the dough recipe from Tori Avey and the sausage is from Boulder Sausage.  Whenever I need sausage in a recipe, I use Boulder Sausage!

Makin' the Rolls!


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