Stuffed Rolls with Potato, Kale and Mushrooms

stuffed rolls with potato kale and mushroom

Do you ever eat foods where you think, “Oh good lord, *everything* I love is in this one bite?” And when this happens, it feels like the ultimate win, right? This is exactly how I feel about these Stuffed Rolls with Potato, Kale, and Mushroom – some of my favorite foods happily settled inside of a soft, doughy roll with just the crispest of exteriors.


There’s so many wonderful things about the rolls, and not just that it’s a healthy meal (or snack) that comes in it’s own carrying case. ┬áIt also can be eaten in so many different ways!


  • for dinner – I ate mine with a side of soup, though admittedly not a classic combo for all; I excel at eating weird foods all at once

  • at lunch – they got popped into to the toaster oven for a quick warm-up

  • and even for breakfast! Today I stuffed some scrambled egg in to the air pocket as my tasty post-yoga morning meal


The dough is super easy to make and work with, and while it does overall take a few hours, these rolls are both so tasty and look so good, and I can see bringing them to an office potluck and impressing the pants off of people (because just a wee bit of showing off is sometimes fun, yes?).


stuffed rolls with potato kale and mushroom




stuffed rolls with potato kale and mushroom


I got the idea from NYT Cooking, and that’s where the roll part of the recipe comes from. I wasn’t so crazy about their filling, so I made up my own. Which – it should be mentioned – any of us can/should do. There’s so much opportunity for delicious things to be hidden inside of these rolls – I thought about a squash/chickpea/feta situation, or maybe a spinach/feta mixture? So many opportunities, I hope you try them out, and enjoy!






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