Oat Flour Rolls

oat flour rolls

StreuselIt’s a New Year!

Aye. Aye. Aye – 2019, really?

We’ll be in a whole new decade next year, how did that happen?  What’s exciting about thinking ahead to 2020 is that this blog will have been in existence for 10 years!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s celebrate 2019 together and finish this decade in a big way.  Who knows what the year will bring for all of us?  I guess that’s what’s exciting about each new year… prospects of what’s ahead, what could be!

To kick off the year, Strudel and I have decided to explore rolls this month.  Good ol’ little packages of bread.  I love rolls.  I love them because they are still bread and stay tender inside when slices of bread just dry out and become disappointing.

Rolls never disappoint!

I thought I would try something a little different with this first roll recipe – gluten free!

I’m not gluten free.  Those that know Strudel and I well, know that we LOVE gluten.

But my new love is oat flour and it just happens to be gluten-free.  This is a win for me (I love the flavor of oat flour) and a win for our readers out there that are gluten free!

As much as I love oat flour, these rolls weren’t really rolls (of course they weren’t, they don’t have gluten) but we more a very satisfying biscuit.  I slightly adapted this recipe and would make it again.  I didn’t get the lift quite like the original author did but admittedly I’m impatient and didn’t let them rise quite as long.  I have made oat flour biscuits before and the yeast in this recipe did give the rolls some rise.


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