Parmesan Crisps

parmesan crisps before and after


I just can’t cookie anymore!

If I eat one more rum ball, spritz cookie or sugar cookie…

Need I say more?!

I normally try to maintain a little bit of self control during the holidays but this season I didn’t.  It was a non-stop party of eating sugar filled treats.  So to round out this cookie month I decided to make a savory cookie!

I took the liberty of redefining cookie…

cook·ie, /ˈko͝okē/, noun – a small sweet cake, typically round, flat and crisp.

This cookie is certainly round, flat and crisp BUT it is also salty and tastes fabulous alongside a chicken caesar salad!!  I also discovered you can load these crisps up with some pulled pork (made in my InstaPot, a joyous gift I received from Strudel this holiday) and avocado for some non-traditional nachos.

This cookie is super EASY.  Bake them up in less than 5 minutes depending on how crispy you like your cookie…

parmesan crisps

3 minutes will be firm but chewy.

7 minutes will be crisp all the way through.


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