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With the season of decadence upon us, I soon won’t be able to turn around at work without running headfirst into a holiday cookie, candy, or brownie. I’m pretty sure my productivity goes down in December, as I dedicate at least 3% of time time standing in kitchen, musing, “Should I eat this unknown treat without knowledge where it came from, who baked it, what’s in it, and if it’ll be worth it?”


In my attempt to be an honest person, I will admit to our S&S readers that I’m often feeling adventurous (and hungry, or bored, or snack-y), and dig in to the mysterious treats. And – knowing that this is a trusting space where I may be judged as a snob but I hope I’m forgiven! – only about 35% of the time does the treat qualify as “worth it.” Because, you know, I live in Seattle so half the time there’s a chia seed, stevia, or gluten-free flour stuffed in there. With apologies to those on restricted diets, for me, the “worth it” category includes butter. And chocolate.


Enter these All The Things Cookies. These are people-pleasers for all kinds of folks – they are eminently adaptable, the mix-ins hit all the sweet-salty-chewy-crispy tastebuds, and the batter’s crisp butteriness is something made from the heavens. These would be awesome for cookie exchange parties, as little holiday gifts for your co-workers, or a great treat to keep at home and gobble yourself. Holiday gifting includes gifts for ourselves, too, right?!





I had these cookies first at Thanksgiving, my dad had made many dozens of these cookies to feed his own children, children-in-law, and grandchildren. I strongly recommend the inclusion of m&m’s, as they really do make the cookies wink at you from across the room.






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