Healthy Buckeye Balls

healthy buckeye balls

StreuselWe’ve got one more holiday gift recipe for you before we launch into December!  We apologize for the brief hiatus from posting.  Strudel and I have been enjoying this blog for 8 years and it was time to do a little maintenance on a blog that has posted 454 posts since we started in November 2010!

Last year I posted about some of my favorite holiday treats including buckeye balls!  This year I was inspired to try making a variation of buckeye balls that was actually nutritious.  I know, you may be asking why mess with Buckeye Balls?  I agree they are delish, they are amazingly rich and taste much like the beloved peanut butter cup!  However, I’m trying not to go too crazy this holiday season.  There are chocolates and cookies around every turn!


My inspiration for these buckeye balls came from these treats that I have been making monthly and storing in my freezer.  They are a wonderful snack when I’m craving a bit of sweetness.  You can buy the ingredients in bulk from Amazon and make several batches.


[tasty-recipe id=”8862″]


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