Apple Protein Bars

apple protein bars

StreuselI have a confession!  I’m addicted to on-the-go, transportable foods.  Bars, bags of nuts, dried cheese bites, foods that can fit in my purse, backpack or suitcase.  Sometimes I get really hungry when I’m out and about and when I get really hungry I tend to make unhealthy food choices.  If I have something I can eat that is healthy and satisfying that staves off the hunger then I can think rationally when I am ready to eat a larger meal and make good choices!

These bars were a pantry invention!  I looked in my pantry and started tinkering with what I thought might make a tasty on-the-go snack.  I’ve said it before, I wish this blog was scratch ‘n’ sniff!  If it was, you could smell the pure appleness coming from these squares!  Admittedly they look rather boring but they are slightly sweet, perfectly textured for each satisfying bite and loaded with apple flavor.  I have been eating them on my way to work with my to-go mug of coffee when I need a little extra time to get to work.

Not only are these snacks easy to wrap and carry on-the-go, they are super easy to whip up.  They bake low and slow and are good for weekend making and baking.  Then they are ready for you for the rest of the week.  At 150 calories and 7 grams of protein per square they are just what I need to move through my morning without hunger.

Wonder where to get ingredients like egg white powder or date paste?  Amazon!

breakfast bars


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