Apple Oatmeal Cookies


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StreuselMy daughter’s in high school now and for some reason I thought I wouldn’t be asked to sign up to bring food in for parent teacher conferences anymore.  Not sure why I thought that but to my surprise, I got an email asking for food a few weeks ago.  As I looked at what people signed up for, sadly, no one had signed up to bring a vegetarian dinner or a gluten-free dessert.

I’m neither a vegetarian or a gluten-free eater, I will eat pretty much anything!  Since I am an eater of everything, I feel everyone should have plenty of options when it comes to food choices! So, I made a vegetable enchilada casserole loaded with roasted zucchini, bell peppers and onions and layered between corn tortillas and cheese, doused in a slightly spicy homemade vegetarian green chili.  It looked really good and I resisted the urge to cut a hunk out of it before dropping it off at the school!  For the gluten-free dessert, I thought a cookie would be an easy choice.  I have tried gluten-free baking before and I struggle with it a bit because that darned gluten is so important in baking BUT I wanted to try again!

flat vs. plumpThese cookies took a bit of experimenting for me to get them to bake up the way I thought a cookie should.  I found the key is freezing the cookie dough after forming into balls and baking them straight from the freezer!

If only refrigerated and not frozen the cookies fell flat for me!


thick and chewy cookies


The original recipe also used coconut oil, I used butter instead.  The author talks about trying both and liking coconut oil better so maybe that would have given me the desired texture without the freezing but I can’t help it…

I like butter in my cookies!


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